Web Design

Web Design IconThis site was created by me, Andrew McConville, to demonstrate my abilities in web design and to serve as my online portfolio.

Featured in the web design section are web pages and sites that I have created since 2001. My work has been professional, academic or just for fun. Many of the pages I have created are to explore new web technologies and design practices.

To see a live version of the screen shot you're viewing, look for the Live link at the end of each description.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design IconIn addition to web design, much of my professional work has been spent creating product fliers and labeling. Many of the labels were created for digital thermal transfer printers, specifically 1 and 4 color CMYK printers with optional spot colors.

These projects have been done on both an academic and professional level. A variety of Adobe products such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign were used exclusively or in combination with each other to achieve the desired results.

Fractal Art

Fractal IconMy fractals still images were created in Apophysis and rendered with Flam3. Fractal animations were also creaded in Apophysis and rednered frame by frame, with each animation taking several days render time. They were then imported into Photoshop as a series of images and encoded in high definition using the H.264 HD codec.


Photography IconThe photography gallery is largely a collection of photos from various local and National Parks across the U.S. I use a Canon 20D along with a verity of Canon lenses. The gallery features stitched panoramas and High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. Along with Photoshop I use AutoStitch and Photomatix Pro 3.


Drawing IconMany of my drawings were created durring my foundation classes at UWM where I took a particular liking to charcoal and conte crayon.


More IconVarious uncatigorized works in the areas of sculpture, woodworking and computing.